Shine Bright Little Sunflower

The short end of it is we need to be more transparent. We need to speak more truth. And we need to be motivated by the one thing that never fails: love.


My 2(5) Cents: 25 Things I’ve learned in the Past 25 Years.

Happy Wine-O-Wednesday! Today should be a celebration of surviving half way through another week. I haven't written one of these in a while but it isn't for my lack of vino enthusiasm. If I could say one thing I've learned about wine is that it should be a girl's best friend. It's there at all stages of (adult)life to hold your hand and celebrate. Plus it's also chocolates best friend and who doesn't want to be apart of that trio. On a serious note, this post isn't about wine. So grab a glass and get ready for my 2(5) Cents.

Picnics are so underrated.

I love picnics. Not just a good appreciation but like a child-like obsession. Thinking about having a picnic is the only time I would ever use the word giddy to describe myself. Last week my cousin Kailey and I decided to have one. Being broke but wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather, we met up at the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul. This beautiful place serves as a park, zoo, botanical gardens, and popular wedding destination. There was more than enough green space to pick from so we plopped down next to a judge-y statue and got famil(y)arized.


Hooray for another rainy day! Ok, so it may not actually be rainy where you are but right now it's raining here and I'm over it. (I'm also writing this a day early. Crossing my fingers it brightens up by the time you guys read this.) If you have had a week like mine than its time to grab a glass of wine and relax for a bit.


Hey guys! I am so excited to be posting a non-introductory post (yes I used 'post' twice but I don't care). I don't know what I am more excited about, the wine that I'm currently drinking or getting all these random thoughts out of my head. I'm still trying to decide the direction I want to take all of this so you guys will have to bear with me as I explore my inner monologue.

Wine-O Wednesday

Since this blog has been a brainchild of mine for a few years now I have been able to think of some pretty good and slightly embarrassing ideas. One of them that has stuck with me is Wine-O Wednesdays. If you don't already know, I love wine. If you ask me if I am a red or a white person, the answer is I'm a wine person, duh. If you don't know what a wine-o (wino) is I'll try my best to explain.