I once heard someone I greatly admired say how much they couldn't stand people who post inspirational things all the time. It made their skin crawl. They saw it as being pretentious and down right obnoxious. I was changed by this. Here was someone who had love and gave it away. Who claimed to 'hate' … Continue reading Be. 


He Speaks

 Mornings can be rough, especially Mondays. Many of you guys probably  do things like yoga and meditation or drink absurd amounts of coffee. I love a hot cup of tea but it just doesn't sustain me, which is why over the past few months I've made it a point to do absolutely nothing every morning … Continue reading He Speaks

2.5 Year, 6 Schools, and A Very Broken Sammi

...Flash forward to this summer. I did something I never thought I would have to do. I moved home. This is pretty common for many grads. For me it wasn't the nagging feeling of not being able to support myself but the fear of seeing those I grew up with, that made the transition most difficult. What would they think of me? Would they remember that scared little girl? Would they recognize me at all? What if they try to have small talk with me? How can I show them I am not who I used to be? Then I realized that I was looking at this all through the lens that had clouded my vision before. Depression and anxiety no longer had a gip on me and...

I Want.

Think back for a moment. Do you ever remember being told that wanting something was frowned upon? That it made you seem selfish or needy? These two words have become almost taboo, especially if taken out of context. This morning, I'm going to change that.

Perspective is Everything

Hello! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence weekend. For those of you wondering, no I did not abandon the blog. I just have been slacking in what to write. Inspiration isn't something you can just conjure up at will and with my lack of mountain views and museum visits I haven't had anything to say in awhile. But as I tried to fall asleep last night I realized that my time away from writing has given me, dramatic pause, a different perspective.

Be the inspiration you wish to see. -Dedicate to you-

I got the idea to post something like this due to the huge response of some typical pintrest inspirational quote I put up on instagram. Something about it really resonated with me. We all need a little more inspiration in our lives; something to help draw back the lines of impossibilities. What better way to do that then to share a few that have touched me right? But like always, I was sitting here waiting for God to show me why. Why did I feel such an urgent need to share something like this today?

“It’s an Adventure”

It's 2:32 am and I wake up to Chelsea's tail tickling my nose. Half asleep I roll over and try to go back to whatever I had just been dreaming about. It takes me about .3 seconds to realize that I can't breathe. Gasping for a breath I swallow and my throat is raw. "Awesome", I think. Flash Forward. Just rushed through security and head to the first Newsstand shop. After being directed to the Halls, I proceed to stock up on tissues, water, and DayQuil. I rush to the gate only to find what I was hoping to be a misprint.