Brazilian Adventures // Rio Recap

Hola, everyone! In case you didn't know, I spent the past couple weeks in Brazil for (maybe) the last time. Ian finished up his season strong winning the final race and officially becoming the Brazilian National Enduro Champion! I couldn't be more proud of him 😀 With the season ending along with all obligations, we decided … Continue reading Brazilian Adventures // Rio Recap


Fear. Excitement. Apprehension. and hunger? Okay so hunger probably isn't the most important thing I'm feeling right now, but I am strongly feeling overwhelmed with everything else that is going on. If you were to see me sitting on the floor right now, at Washington Dulles International Airport, you may be wondering why I chose to … Continue reading

Brazilian Adventures // Intro

Yep, it's the blog(s) you've all been waiting for, my Brazilian adventures. For those of you who aren't privy to this, I spent the first two months of this year in Brazil. My boyfriend, Ian, got the amazing opportunity to be on one of their national teams racing dirt bikes this year. Now before you get carried away with dreams of white sand beaches and parrot filled jungle walks, I have to break it to you that...