15 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Denver

Happy Caturday everyone!! If you're like me you probably enjoyed sleeping in after a wild night of partying and are now enjoying cuddles with your favored furry friend.  And by that I mean waking up at 6:30 after falling asleep to Netflix with a half finished beer next to you, not to mention the fuzzy … Continue reading 15 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Denver


All Flowers ‘Errythang

Happy Caturday! Recently in my adult life I've become absolutely obsessed with flowers. (Cats like flowers too) I try to have a fresh bouquet somewhere in the house at all times. Seeing them just help calm me down. Looking at pretty things makes you feel pretty (at least on a good day).


Obsessions have become almost glamorized in our society now days. Normally, I am against running with the pack but I've found that a healthy over-appreciation for something can be a good thing. I have learned so much more and about so many more things through people's ravings about a certain idea or product. So I've decided to share just one of many recent obsessions since being back in the states.

Caturday Weekend!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone! This weekend is our chance to remember all of those who fought for us. Who were brave. Who sacrificed it all just to keep us safe. Thank you to all who serve and have served. For many of us this is a weekend to see friends, family, and enjoy an extra day off of work. I wasn't really sure where to take this post being that Caturday is a day to embrace our extra oddities but this weekend is meant for reverence. So I have decided to find some interesting facts out our beloved 3 day weekend. Enjoy.