I once heard someone I greatly admired say how much they couldn’t stand people who post inspirational things all the time. It made their skin crawl. They saw it as being pretentious and down right obnoxious.

I was changed by this.

Here was someone who had love and gave it away. Who claimed to ‘hate’ people in general, yet had so many close and beloved friends.
–That alone was a big contradiction. —
I wanted so badly to be one of those few chosen; worthy of the acceptance they so rarely handed out. So I became extra conscious of how much encouragement and inspiration I spread. I would check myself before posting anything remotely close to ‘wilderness photo with script font’ in fear that she, or others like her, would get the wrong message. That it would dim whatever creative or intuitive spark that they were uncontrollable drawn too. (I don’t think they fall too heavily on the Feelings scale of Myers-Briggs like I do. Which is okay.)

Then I started thinking. If God put us on the planet to spread the love, than why were these people (myself included) trying to suppress it?

You see there is this constant battle inside us. Do we conform or do we dare to be who we were made to be?

I saw a post on Instagram this morning that inspired this whole verbal slew. It was written by a fellow word lover -Katharine Griffin.


“But here’s the simplest complexity there is – if you’re reading this, you’re here. You woke up to another brightening sky. And my God, what a miracle. What a wild concept that we’re here, able and loved. And here is the bravest thing I could possibly ask for you to do – Be. Just be.”

That last line just does something to me.

To ‘be’ doesn’t mean hide who you are. It doesn’t mean be someone else. And it definitely doesn’t mean suppress the urge -or someone else’s- to share your light with others who may be struggling in the darkness.

What it means is to have loving acceptance and the bravery to unapologetically exist in the state you were created for. To ‘be’ means to share your thoughts- your heart with others. To hope and live in the assurance that even if you only touch the life of just one person, it means something.
So for me to talk myself out of sharing something uplifting or thought-provoking, is the opposite of being. And I am tired of not being.

I want to be loving.
I want to be kind.
I want to be the person God intended.
And I want to be someone Jesus would be proud of.


With this, I urge you not to let someone else’s preference or ideals take away from living out your days as God intended. HE created you exactly how HE wanted. And it’s no one else’s job but your own to just -be- you.
(Even if that means you don’t ‘like’ people or feelings.)

Hugs & Kittens,



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