Being Homeless Isn’t So Bad

Being homeless isn’t so bad 

It’s just walls

Walls are everywhere 

And aren’t we always trying to break them down?

A ceiling isn’t that nice

It blocks out the stars 

You know the ones that make you feel so small but important,

At the same time. 

A yard isn’t that great. 

Pulling weeds and always keeping up the appearance isn’t that fun

A home is kind of suffocating. 

Everything is muffled;

The sun

The moon

The wind

Everything we are connected to 

Is dimmer through those dirty windows. 
Being homeless is kind of nice. 

No cleaning,

No bills,

Just you and the essentials. 
But walls are kind of nice.

They shield you 

And support you when you can’t stand up. 

Ceilings are useful too. 

They shelter you,

Protect you. 

No one can argue that seeing beautiful green grass

Dotted with flourishing flowers is 

One of natures best pick me ups. 

And it really isn’t that suffocating. 

What’s suffocating is the hot sticky air, thick and weighted 

A home is kind of nice, I guess

It’s warm 

It’s comfortable

You know it. 

Understand it. 

Once you’ve been in a home for awhile it become apart of you

Your identity. 

It’s always there to come back to.
But being homeless isn’t so bad. 

Almost enjoyable. 

You are ‘free’…

But you are lost…

And alone. 

Being homeless kind of sucks. 

Especially, when you realize

Your home

Isn’t a where,

It’s a who


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