15 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Denver

Happy Caturday everyone!!

If you’re like me you probably enjoyed sleeping in after a wild night of partying and are now enjoying cuddles with your favored furry friend.

 And by that I mean waking up at 6:30 after falling asleep to Netflix with a half finished beer next to you, not to mention the fuzzy slave driver currently suffocating you because of their lack of respect for person space this early in the morning.

My first two months here in Denver have gone by so quickly! If you’re wondering why I haven’t been writing much lately it’s because my computer is too slow and my life has been going too fast. I’ve upgraded to a 9-5 with the complete opposite schedule as everyone I hold near and dear. Lack of creativity and inspiration or maybe just laziness has also contributed. Basically I wake up, go to the gym, go to work, and then come home and pass out. Who knew being an adult could be so exhausting?

But I’m not writing this to vent. I actually am writing to share a few things I have learned about life and myself after moving downtown.

  1. Parking. You can either parallel to the right or to the left, not both, people who say they can do both are liars.
  2. Locking your doors and windows suddenly becomes important even when you are home. Or maybe I’m just paranoid.
  3. You feel more grown up. I never thought I would live in the city. At least not alone and without a parking space.
  4. Sunshine. The luxury you once had of letting the light shine in is now gone, unless you don’t mind putting all your valuables on display. Sorry plants.
  5. You walk everywhere. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to mentally high five myself for getting in that extra half mile everyday.
  6. Minnesota nice goes out the window. Eye contact and smiling at strangers can lead to unwarranted stockerish happenings. Not that you need to be rude just safe.
  7. You become more thankful for what you have. Food, a car, heat. The amount of homeless in Denver is alarming. Nothing puts things into perspective more than hearing someone go through the dumpster nightly looking for anything edible (more on that and how to help later)
  8. Thirsty Thursday. My tolerance for drinking/drunk people has pretty much diminished. The next one may better explain what I mean.
  9. Or is it Tuesday? You suddenly understand the difference in day people and night people. Shoutout to all the drunkies coming from down the street and relieving themselves next to the dumpster outside my bedroom wall. FYI I can hear you…
  10. Community. You finally understand neighborhood communities. No suburb HOA here.
  11. Whole Foods is BAE. Especially when it’s across the street.
  12. Your perspective of the city changes. It no longer becomes the place you go on the weekends. Think visiting Vegas vs. living in Vegas.
  13. Know your city. Best way to get to know what’s nearby, take a jog. You don’t have to worry about the one-ways on the sidewalks.
  14. Being more environmentally friendly. People walk and bike everywhere. Why take your own car when you can Uber or Lyft?
  15. And last but more important. Appreciation for nature. When I’m able to get out of town and see those mountain peaks without a giant building blocking my view, I remember why I live here. I don’t realize how suffocating the city can be at times until I let out the breath I’ve been holding all week.

I actually really like living down here. There’s something about the lights and sounds that create this new world feel.

I’ll probably always be more of a out-of-the-city girl but for now I’ll embrace my new found urban-goddess.

Hugs & Kittens,



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