Is this real life?!

I’ve asked myself this out loud probably 300 times this week. From Ian’s amazing performance in The Dakar Rally, to my neighbors lack of respect, to the fact that I’ve averaged 55 hours a week at work for the past 3 weeks, this is the only phrase my brain uses as it attempts to fathom how the universe works. 

I know I said I would be posting more and I really want to and I will.  


But right now as I lay in bed while house/dog sitting all I can think about is how grateful I am to have such a steady, unmovable, and faithful God. 

I mean how else would I have survived moving to the city, stressing myself into hives, and being disconnected from my favorite human for 3 weeks? Seriously guys, I haven’t cried in months. I’m usually an every other day type of person so something is either really wrong with me or God just did a 180 and made me into a Boss Women who can somehow handle life’s curveballs with out batting an eyelash. 

I love my little cottage of an apartment and having a place of my own. Everything may still be packed but I’m not overwhelmed by it. I’m not afraid when I go to sleep or when I go running. I feel liberated walking to and from my car by myself. 

People always tell how brave I was for just picking up and moving years ago. To me it just made sense; I went where I felt I needed to be.  

Where you go I’ll go, where you stay I’ll stay, when you move I’ll move. I will follow. 

-Chris Tomlin

But this move to Denver is the first big thing I’ve ever done alone. And I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t really proud of myself. 

It’s been a crazy mental struggle these past few weeks but I can’t shake the feeling that some really amazing things are going to happen this year. 

So for those of you feeling afraid or  inadequate about your resolutions not going as planned, just remember that time is something we created. It’s never too late to start. And when you start to think of all the reasons why you can’t I challenge you to tell yourself all the reasons you can. 

Ps pictures and actual content to come soon xx

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