These Boots Were Made For Walking // A Love Story

A Caturday tribute to the boots that almost never let me down.

So brave. So durable. So cute.
So brave. So durable. So cute.

The beginning:

I remember that fall outing well. It was just another day spent with Krystin getting our usual weekly retail therapy. We had saved the best stop, DSW, for last since we both had been gifted $10 off coupons for being such loyal customers. With a reputation like that we couldn’t let them down and let them go unused, that would be dishonorable shoe shopping etiquette. So we ventured in ready to fall in love with the perfect shoes.

The fall:

I had no idea what was in store for me but when I saw you for the first time I finally understood what life was about. [Boot life, that is] You were edgy but feminine; polished but still made a statement. When I saw they actually had my size it was hook, line, and sinker. It was all I could do to not wear you out of the store, exclaiming to all who walked by, “LOOK! Look at this adorable boots! How perfect they are. You must also get a pair and share in this awesomeness with me!” I stared and cooed at you the whole way home.

Fuzzy sock game on point.
Fuzzy sock game on point.

Our life together:

I was just started school again for the first time in a year and was so grateful to have you on my feet. You were comfortable and cozy. The way you showed off my fuzzy socks perfectly made me feel like the most stylish girl there. You led me to my first big adventure, Alaska. We soon found out, after that, how diverse your purpose was when I realized you were the perfect track shoe (dirt bike track). Not long after that you were there to give me extra confidence when my heart was breaking. You helped me snag my first love, whom has turned us into real world travelers. Together all three of us have gone all over Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa,  South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming, Brazil, and New Mexico. We have even ventured to Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Boston together.

The demise:

I had hoped our travels would never end. We had broken in and molded to one another, literally. When Ian mentioned that you looked a little worn I was in denial. My feet love you, you were their favorite place to be, you were home. Now two years, almost to the day, have passed and I now have no choice but to let you go. I knew you weren’t the boots you used to be but first really notice that morning, at the vineyard, that something wasn’t right. It was dewy out there and I realized very quickly that the feet you housed were soaked to the bone. This was a first for us and I tried to ignore it, as all those in denial do. It wasn’t until we were on the way home that I saw ‘goodbye’ was inevitable.

We pulled up to the stop sign and I decided to take you off before venturing onto the highway. I was in a rush and didn’t loosen your laces enough, which was my first mistake. My second was how I used my other foot to pry at your heel in hopes it would slip off my soggy foot; when suddenly, rip,snap,thunk. I gasped and looked down thinking, “No, no , no!” But the damage was done.


I had made you unwearable. Your match must have been horrified considering it’s still fully intact. It took me the whole ride home to figure out what to do. Upon further examination I found that gluing you back together would not be an option. As I had already known, I had worn you down to the sole. And then some. image

There was nothing I could do at this point but say goodbye. Thank you for serving me so well these past two years. Thank you for making me feel stylish, edgy, feminine, and fashionable through all the seasons my life has gone through since that first fateful day.

I will never forget...
I will never forget…

RIP boots:

You will be missed, but your replacement pair will be loved and cherished just as much as you were.

Hugs & Kittens,


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