Brazilian Adventures // Intro

IMG_8425_2Yep, it’s the blog(s) you’ve all been waiting for, my Brazilian adventures. For those of you who aren’t privy to this, I spent the first two months of this year in Brazil. My boyfriend, Ian, got the amazing opportunity to be on one of their national teams racing dirt bikes. Now before you get carried away with dreams of white sand beaches and parrot filled jungle walks, I have to break it to you that A) we were about a 9 hour drive from the beach and B) we would be living there, not vacationing.

Everything leading up to this adventure was last minute. We got our visas exactly 2 weeks before but only in case we actually ended up going. Like all business ventures there was more than enough negotiating and contract building. It wasn’t until after we got vaccinated that it really sunk in. We were going to Brazil!

On our way to the airport.
On our way to the airport.
Yes, we had 7 bags.
Yes, we had 7 bags.


Our trip down there took about 24 hours and we arrived at our hotel jet-lagged and stinky. I honestly was so out of it I can barely remember the two and a half hour drive from the airport. What I did remember was how grateful I was for a bed. Our hotel room was nice but very small. The uncertainty of when we would be moving into the house was somewhat daunting so we spent the first couple weeks getting familiar with the city and the culture, trying not to worry about it.

After week 3 we were moved into the team house. I am not really sure who was more excited, us or the hotel staff. Ian’s teammates moved in a week after and we all became fast friends. Most of my time was spent alone while Ian trained for the first few races. The hotel had been nice because it had wifi but I was bound to the room for lack of feeling 100% safe. At the house, I was free to be outside (we have a yard) but I was still left to evade the boredom wifi-less. Over those two months I really concentrated on working on myself and trying to find my niche. Safe to say I did learn a lot about myself from these travels but I learned even more once I came back.

I think the reason it took me so long to write about this is because there was so much to process. Even now I am starting to feel slightly overwhelmed thinking about how I’m going to do this experience justice. There are so many memories and feelings that I want to share with you guys. Each picture I took has its own blogs worth of stories to tell but I will do my best to cover them all briefly. To achieve that I’ve decided to do it photo journal style. Showing you seems like a better idea than just telling you about it.

So make sure you come back tomorrow to see my Brazilian Adventures // pt.1.

Hugs & Kittens,


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