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Happy Tuesday everyone! Phew. I feel like it has been 3 weeks since my last post, so much has happened.

Last week, Ian and I embarked on a road-trip from Colorado to Minnesota and back again. Spending over 14 hours in a car at any given time isn’t always the most fun but thankfully Ian happens to be an awesome road-tip partner. So last Tuesday afternoon we took off across the great Midwest for some hometown lovin’.

In true Ian-Sammi fashion, we left a little behind schedule and ended up getting there around 4 am.   Wednesday was our only real full free day so we made the most of it by relaxing. For me, relaxing means actually relaxation: reclining, kitty cuddling, catching up with family; but for Ian it means biking. So while I napped he took off on a 33 mile road bike ride around town.

image  image

Once he got back we headed out to the lake for a leisurely boat ride, Minnesota’s greatest summer past-time. We were towed around the lake on the tube along with my sister. To her dismay we had to go pretty slow so we didn’t cause Ian any extra discomforts. [He crashed his bicycle 2 weeks ago and banged up his shoulder pretty good. It’s still a little tender so anything jarring was to be avoided. Like extreme tubing. 😦 ]Then we went to bed early because we were both still dealing with a travel hangover.


The next day we decided to go to the zoo. AKA my favorite place in the world. (I even graduated from ‘the zoo school’, SES. Our ceremony was in the giant bird amphitheater.)

  image   image

Ian rode a camel!
  Ian rode a camel! 
Ian doing a 'fear exersice'. Petting the sharks!
Ian doing a ‘fear exersice’. Petting the sharks!
He's so adorable it's almost.. unbearable.
He’s so adorable it’s almost.. unbearable.

Doing my own ‘fear exersice’

image image

My sister volunteered there for a few years back in high school and knew the best route to avoid  child traffic and tantrum pileups. It was magical, as usual, and really fun to show Ian a place that has been special to me since I was really young.  We left just as they were closing the doors and headed to the airport to pick up my dad. He was coming into town for the weekend to help my brother with his plane.


We spend early Friday enjoying the 98 Pound Chinese buffet, which is sort of a dad/kids tradition. It’s been a few years since all 3 of us kids and my father have gotten together like this. We decided that the best way to spend the rest of our shared time together would be to head out to the hanger and admire the plane my brother has been practically dating.


It’s really cool to see how much things have changed but haven’t at the same time. We used to head out to the same small airport when we were little and my dad would take us up in The Piper Cub, a little yellow two-seater. Now my brother is the one flying and we’ve upgraded to something with a little more space. Ty had some work to do in the office so my dad decided he would take Ian and I up for a quick ride.


I think Ian was nervous because he has only been in a plane that small a few times and it was pretty windy. My dad, being used to flying planes that weight 2000 lbs. more, didn’t even blink we he had to crank the wheel all the way left as we took off due to some really intense cross winds. We did a few circle around the airport and flew over the lake by my house. Ian even got to fly a little bit – I was only a little nervous. My dad got us safely back on the ground and we were off to our next engagement.


My oldest friend, we’ve known each other since we were 8, was having her rehearsal dinner down in Cannon Falls. We watched them practice a few times and headed downstairs to the church basement for the tradition Groom’s Dinner. It was really fun getting to see people I hadn’t seen in the past decade and to introduce Ian to some of the other important people in my life. After that we were once again pooped and headed straight to bed.

The next day was WEDDING DAY! I had received the wonderful honor of being a personal attendant to my dear friend. Our appointments were bright and early at 8 am so I was up at the crack of dawn. The day went by without a hitch and I got to see Karli marry her best friend. Everything was so beautiful and she was the most gorgeous bride I had ever seen. We’re talking bridal magazine beautiful. It was a cloudless, sunny day with a nice breeze; so perfect that I can only say it was God giving them his blessing. After stuffing our faces, we danced the night away in fairytale perfection.


How awesome are these lashes?!



Sunday was day 3 of go-go-go. We ended up waking up 10 minutes before our check-out time at the casino so we pretty much hit the ground running. Both of us were on a need food now mission and decided to go to one of my favorite places, Jensen’s Cafe. By this point I didn’t even care what was going on as long as I got to eat. To my absolute delight some of my best friends from high school were able to meet with us. None of them had ever met Ian, and I hadn’t seen them in over a year so it was the perfect way to start another endless day.


 After brunch we raced back to my house to do some chores. Ian had decided that we needed to be back in Colorado ASAP so he could get some work in now that his arm was working again. While I attempted to pack, he mowed the lawn (what a keeper). He finished right when it was time for me to meet my cousin, Kailey, downtown for, wait for itthe One Direction concert. EEEKK! My cousin, Nancy, had won the tickets on the radio and we were the lucky ones to get them. We ‘danced all night to the best song ever’ and redefined our love for them, even if it was only 4 of 5 #rip.

Icona Pop was their opener
Icona Pop was their opener


It. Was. Awesome.

I made it home around 1 and woke up to my lights being flipped on viciously by Ian at 5 am. It was time to say goodbye to the humidity and hello to the mountains. I sluggishly finished packing, gave my mom 4 extra hugs, and proceeded to pass out in the car, hoping to wake up to mountains rising in the distance.

So that’s just a short summary of my recent adventures. I’ll probably expand more on a different post soon to come. Yay! Today we woke up at 5 again and headed to Loveland so Ian could fix some doors. [He works for a company called Door Doctors.] I’ve spend the day curing my last travel hangover with some bomb greek food and a leisurely afternoon at Barnes and Noble writing this blog.



For living out of a suitcase for the past 3+ weeks I’ve realized that it’s not always as exciting as it seems. I don’t actually have a place to call home. I’m address-less, which is a huge problem since I have to renew my license next week, and I am starting to feel a little lost. With no place to call my own, my little blue bag has become my only beacon – pointing towards my next destination or temporary home. I’m starting to realize that maybe it’s not just wanderlust/lost that has gripped my soul, but an intense need to feel apart of something or to have something that is mine.

Whether it’s an apartment or a plane ticket, having a small sense of direction is much needed after months in limbo. I mean, seriously, I don’t even know where I am going to be this weekend, let alone the rest of the month. I’m hoping to continue being homeless just a little while longer, though. Maybe head back to Georgia and spend more time with my father and grandparents. With my 25th birthday fast approaching, I’m keep getting this urgent feeling of how fleeting time can really be. We need to make the most of it while we can because before we know it, it’s onto the next adventure and you may be stuck with a massive (travel) hangover like me.

Hugs & Kittens,


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