The Struggle is Real

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything for almost 2 weeks now. This seems to be the new pattern I’ve fallen into. Oops! It isn’t that I am bored or tired of writing, it’s more that I either have the content but no time or I’ve got all the time in the world but no content. Like the title of this post says, the struggle is real. I haven’t really considered myself a writer until recently and now I can finally say I understand ‘writer’s block’ and the efficiency of carrying a notebook everywhere so I don’t lose any ideas.

Most of the time when I struggle to get into the writing mood, I read. I read books, blogs, my bible, even the one-liner facts on reddit’s Today I Learned page. These usually do the trick and when they don’t I either attempt to force it or just give up on the prospect of posting that day. This morning was no different. So I went to my Bloglovin’ feed and searched for inspiration.
I was really happy to find a new post written by one of my favorite bloggers. She was explaining that to avoid these exact problems she sometimes writes a few posts at a time. When the inspiration is there sometimes you just have to get it all out at once. I have attempted to use this exact strategy before and from a literal side, yes, it does work. You get your ideas all written out, schedule them, and Bam you have a few posts to help fill in the gaps in those busy weeks.

This may sound like an easy solution and it is. I just happen to struggle with a need for instant gratification. When I write something it’s usually because I feel it right now and I need to put it out into the world to complete my ‘process’. When I write things in advance that’s a little harder to do. I find myself counting down the days and hours until it posts. If I am not still feeling that way when it’s finally posted I end up feeling a lot less accomplished, like the glow has worn off or something.

The more I get into blogging the more I can’t help but read tips about when to post, how to put up the right pictures, networking, etc. One thing I keep coming across is taking yourself seriously. This isn’t some school project where I can put minimal effort into it, this is my creative outlet. Like anything else, there are certain stigmas you need to give into if you want to be successful at something. For example, if I wanted to do this as a job I would probably have to get a Twitter (Ew. I just don’t get it).
As I read her post this morning, though, I had a thought. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I do occasionally have thoughts, but that is beside the point. Sacrificing my need for instant (emotional) gratification might end up being a good thing. There isn’t anywhere in life that gives you immediate results every time. Most people read my posts long after I have written them and that is okay. It still feels good knowing that I am heard, that I had made my point and potentially was able to inspire or entertain someone even just for a few minutes.

So in my hour of need, I have found my inspiration and have now shared it with you. Living out of a suitcase for the past 2 weeks has defiantly effected my posting abilities but like the idea of pre-writing I think that’s okay. I’ve decided to go with my gut feelings. If I feel like I need some life-lesson exercises maybe I’ll write a few posts at a time. If it’s something that I am feeling really intensely maybe I will wait until I can give those thoughts my full attention. But regardless of what I do I will embrace the struggle. That’s what it’s all about right? Finding the artistic struggle is just a part of the process.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Hugs & Kittens,


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