Racing the Rain continued:


We left off yesterday after Ian, his dad, and I had finally made it to Upton, Wyoming.

(You can read all about my first few days in CO here.)

Lookin' good!
Lookin’ good!

Sunday: Technically, it was Sunday when the rain started around midnight. When you’re in a van sardine can, any amount of rain is amplified. Hail, on the other hand, is like being in the middle of a thunderstorm cloud but the IMAX 4D version. I have never seen non-stop lightning at this magnitude before and was just waiting for the trees next to us to be struck, crushing is in our snuggled state.  It was really cool but terrifying. Mother nature doesn’t mess around. The rain finally stopped after a few hours and we all woke feeling refreshed. Ian lucked out and got a later start time, avoiding the worst of the flooding that was on the trails. True to form, he rode great and ended up getting 3rd! WHICH IS AWESOME! (Always so proud, babe ;)).  It was a long day of chasing the riders around so I took no time to get comfy and pass out the whole way back. image

Monday: I love sleeping in. Unfortunately, my internal clock is set around 7 am. Every. Day. I knew with driving almost the whole way home that Ian needed a bit more sleep so I waited impatiently for him to wake up so we could get our adventures on. With only 48 hours left I was panicking; and when I panic, I tend to clean, or eat.  It was still rainy-ish so we took a drive and ended up at my favorite Thai place, Pho Real. Their egg rolls are so fresh and the staff is incredibly friendly.

image  image

Stuffed to our gills (mermaids have to breath somehow), Ian took a power nap.  We finished the day with an awesome dinner catching up with some of our friends and went to bed early.

Tuesday: We woke up early and rushed to get the street bike ready for a day in the mountains. Ian had made plans for us to meet a few of his friends for a hike in Boulder.  All week we had been dealing with on-again off-again showers but Ian was determined to go on one last ride before we left.  So, without checking the weather, we defiantly got on the bike and dared the clouds to ruin our ride.  The hike was beautiful and lunch at a local pizza place had us leaving our pants unbuttoned, no exaggeration needed. We still had half the day to explore so we headed towards Nederland, right into the eye of one nasty looking storm.  Somehow, the curves of our little mountain highway helped us evade the worst of the rain. We did get wet and pelted by a few hailstones but it was an adventure and set us up perfectly for our warm-up tea in town.  We spent the rest of the ride exploring the mountains west of Golden.  It was a perfect way to spend our full last day, racing the rain and exploring new views.

Last day :(
Last day 😦

Wednesday: I woke up refusing to believe the fun was all over. We decided that since we had a little time it was best spent enjoying some mountain therapy.  We chased each other up and over boulders, creating a new path through the woods. I can not get enough mountain in air. The scent of pine trees with a background of blue skies is peaceful in a way that is hard to fabricate.  image

No filter needed
No filter needed
That’s one unhappy kitty on my lap

Ian dropped me off at the airport with a surprisingly happy ‘see you soon’. The ‘plan’ is that he will be back in the states next month so there is no need to prepare myself for months apart. A harsh comparison to our last rushed goodbye which was filled with the feeling of my heart being crushed like a juice box.  Gypsy, my kitty, was the perfect in-flight distraction. Her incessant twitching and worrying was enough to keep my tears at bay. I arrived home, filled with the sudden feeling that something vital was missing.  My lack of posts has been due to this obnoxious anxiety and emptiness I can’t seem so shake. But I have decided that it won’t go away on its own so I’m trying to get back into the routine of writing, exercising, and lots of long awaited cuddles with my kitty.

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about my adventures as much as I enjoyed having them. It’s amazing how much you can see when you just set the time again and do it. I have been busy with quite a few things here at home but could use some lake therapy. Maybe I’ll make it a point to do something lake related next week. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

Hugs & Kittens,


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