Be the inspiration you wish to see. -Dedicate to you-

    Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Personally, I didn’t really love this quote. You often see it in such a half-hearted/ cliche setting that I totally missed it’s greatness. It puts responsibility on the individual without the effect of calling someone out, which I think is incredible hard to do in 6 words.

I got the idea to post something like this due to the huge response of some typical pintrest inspirational quote I put up on instagram. Something about it really resonated with me. We all need a little more inspiration in our lives; something to help draw back the lines of impossibilities. What better way to do that then to share a few that have touched me right? But like always, I was sitting here waiting for God to show me why. Why did I feel such an urgent need to share something like this today?

God didn’t add another day to your life because you needed it, He added it because someone out there needs you.

Personally, I believe every action has a purpose; there is always someone you’re meant to touch or something that needs to be done that lets us be His light in the world. So here I am getting excited to start this post and BAM I see it. Another blogger I follow drops the bomb of a huge health issue. Now we often see Facebook updates of cancer scares and accident progress updates where commenting on their well-being is considered a nicety and totally appropriate. The situation that currently presence itself is not. When someone uses an outlet like this as their safe haven because they are afraid to share or burden others they are close to, a comment just seems trivial.

I mean what do you say? “Get Better?” “That sucks but you’re so brave for sharing?” “Praying for you?” [You can do that without saying it.] It just, ugh, none of it feels right. So I got to thinking, what if instead of consoling and unintentionally being a downer -because no you don’t know how they feel- we try to lift them up. Give hope.

Essentially inspire them. 


So this one is for you. The one struggling with unseen demons, ones that no one else can fully relate to. We all have them, big and small. By living inspired and  love filled lives we can all help fill this need. I hope that one, if not all, of these change your reality and give you a more hopeful perspective on life. All I ask is that you take a few moments after reading each one of these and find how it speaks to you.



  mblog8mblog7    Mblog2 Mblog mblog9m16m17m19m20mblog11

Each of these have caused a dramatic change to my outlook on life. My desire is that you are now filled with more hope, bravery, and love (for yourself and others). Now go out and kick this Monday’s butt and be the inspiration you wish to see.

Hugs & Kittens,


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