Picnics are so underrated.



love picnics. Not just a good appreciation but like a child-like obsession. Thinking about having a picnic is the only time I would ever use the word giddy to describe myself. Last week my cousin Kailey and I decided to have one. Being broke but wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather, we met up at the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul. This beautiful place serves as a park, zoo, botanical gardens, and napping area [shoutout to the weird dude passed out under the pine trees]. There was more than enough green space to pick from so we plopped down next to a judge-y statue and got famil(y)arized.

Spending time with family is equally underrated. Memories of getting together with relatives are some of my most treasured from childhood. My favorite part about these gatherings is that even now, after we have all grown up, we still play crazy card games (SPOONS) and make the effort to show up. Even if you aren’t close to your family, gathering with good friends is still just as great. For me, my family consists of some of my closest friends. It’s really awesome to have people apart of you life who are permanent. Sure they can choose not to participate in 9 Innings or PIT (both great card games), but no matter what they can’t change the fact that we are related. Meaning they’re all stuck with me forever. Muahahahah! It’s kind of like having a cat; they’re forced to pretend to love you.


Anyways, family is awesome and picnics are awesome. After our lovely catch-up session we headed to go look at the Zen Gardens to work on out chi. It’s nothing huge, but they do have a pretty impressive collection of bonsai trees (my first On Mondays We Inspire Post is a picture of an azalea bonsai they have there.) Following in my mother’s footstep, I am completely obsessed with taking pictures of everything. So to make sure we had the most successful trip possible, my cousin brought her camera and we snapped the day away.

Here are some of our glamorous photos from that days ‘shoot’:


Smiling 'cause you know you're prett-ay
Smiling ’cause you know you’re prett-ay



10557085_10205545664415854_2450974148096555294_o      1559424_10205545664935867_4089950145012231176_o

1658694_10205545652095546_8957555452192168923_o     1523976_10205545665375878_2087564229613643677_o

11232084_10205545656175648_8139457326004812553_o 11111796_10205545660695761_1460774429396317988_o

1781263_10205545659695736_8752620673565179740_o       11112839_10205545660095746_7921601769290615776_o

I harbor no shame in how many of these we actually took.

Bonsai Moss
Cute garden behind the little house-thing
Cute garden behind the little house-thing
Jumping the rope like a rebel
Jumping the rope like a rebel
They do tea ceremonies here!
They do tea ceremonies here!
Modeling like a pro
“Am I doing it right?”11406096_10205545659735737_2555386215695527669_o    Ohmmmm
I don't think I did it right.
I don’t think I did it right.

BSB 4 ever
BSB 4 ever

So as you can tell we had way too much fun that day. I hope this encourages you to go out and have a picnic of your own. Hang out with some family (or friends) and relax in the fact that no matter how weird you are, they can’t judge you. [If they do judge you they are only making fun of themselves because you’re related. So jokes on them.] I would love to hear about you picnic stories so please feel free to share. Now go enjoy the beginning of summer!

Hugs & Kittens


* If you want to see more pictures I took of some of the plants at the conservatory be sure to check out this Saturday’s post: All Flowers ‘Errythang

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