In case you were wondering, I’m still alive

But seriously, that was the worse sickness I’ve had in years. Those first few nights of sleeping upright really make you appreciate being able to breathe. Now, I feel sooo  much better than I did a week ago, granted I am still blowing glue out of my nose (Ew, I know) and waking each morning hacking up a lung. Tomorrow marks day 7 of this sickness and I pray that you guys will never have to experience it’s menacing clutches.

The last time we spoke I was exhausted and all hopped up on the DayQuil. Trying to remember that morning is like trying to remember a dream; come to think of it so does the rest of last week. I did make it onto that second flight so the extra 5 hours of waiting was well worth it. On the plane I spent most of my time worrying about whether or not my package of tissues was going to be enough. It wasn’t. I felt so bad for the guy sitting next to me that I told him I had allergies to try and make him feel a little less grossed out. He didn’t buy it. Every time I grabbed one of my tissues he was there to cover his nose and mouth with the most horrified look on his face. Eventually I got tired of feel ashamed about being sick on a plane and decided to just own it and blow to my heart’s content. [Seriously, it feels way better to just get it all out, ya know?]

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Attempting to hide my tissues under my hat

But enough about my nasal cavity. Onto the exciting stuff. I managed to de-board the plane and make it into the arms of my only comfort for the next week. It’s weird how when you don’t see someone for a while you are reminded of the weirdest things. First thing I said was, “I forgot how tall you were!”. Thankfully, Ian wasn’t offended because apparently he had also forgotten exactly how small I was. (For those of you who don’t know me I’m about 5′ and often get mistaken for a high-schooler.) We left to airport hand in hand, and I felt like I had apart of myself back. It was like we had never left.

I have never been more grateful to see a humidifier in my life.

First thing I did was turn that puppy on and let it turn the room into a rainforest. It saved me, and everyone else, from 4 sleepless nights due to my lovely dry-cough. [Basically I just got worse and being at a high altitude [his house is around 9000 ft) plus the lack of any water in the air sent me wishing I had thought it through. ]

Okay, so I’m probably being dramatic but I was miserable. I tried to suffer through it and let my body heal itself but eventually I reached for the sudafed. That was my second mistake. For whatever reason my body hates over the counter drugs and clings to them as long as possible. It like my organs were mobsters who wouldn’t stop beating up ‘Joey’ even after he sung like a canary. So even though I was sick and completely out of it I made sure to check off a few things from my ‘intentions list’. I mean, what could be better medicine than fresh mountain air right?


So after sleeping away our first 24 hours we decided to get out of the house. Insert one of my favorite summer past times. Street bike rides! Springtime in Colorado really is something to experience. And what better way to do that than riding on the back of a two-wheeled death machine. (Kidding. I feel extremely safe on the back of a bike. The fact that Ian rides them for a job also helps.) I gathered up a pocket full of tissues and said a quick prayer that I wouldn’t sneeze too hard causing us to crash.

We rode south on the backroads taking one of my favorite routes past Perry Park. It could not have been a more perfect day. We saw llamas, horses, and lots of dear grazing in the pastures. (The deer know where the good stuffs at.) The fields were littered with purple and yellow wildflowers all the way up to the foothills. Pikes Peak’s snow-covered cap was our guiding light.

In typical Ian fashion we ended up exploring a new neighborhood. It was actually more of a dirt road with all these farms attached to it. There was even a weird ridge covered with dozens of satellites [Aliens? Government conspiracies? Someones obsession with watching as many sports channels as possible?] I was starting to fade around this time and was thankful that the road did, in fact, take us back towards Castle Rock.


We headed home but not without first stopping at my second favorite frozen yogurt place. For all you natives that live near Castle Rock I highly recommend this place. When you walk inside it like stepping onto a street in SoHo. No joke. They literally have 4 fake city-esque doorsteps complete with actual newspapers from New York. It’s really impressive.

Just two of the hilarious prints that decorate the bathroom.
Just two of the hilarious prints that decorate the bathroom.

When we got home Ian went riding around the house with a new friend and I napped. Hard. It

The kissing swing.
The kissing swing.

was wonderful. Later that night Ian was showing his dad this almost-dead bird we had found by the Kissing Swing. Turns out the little guy wasn’t dead and had actually almost baked to death in the sun all day thanks to our failure to recognize the baby blue jay. Long story short we fed him some tuna, put him back into the nest, and were successful with reuniting him with his papa. Daily save of a woodland creature like a true princess, check. (Kidding, Ian and his dad actually did the saving. I just happened to find him.)

His name is Leonard. Leroy for short.
His name is Leonard. Leroy for short.


The rest of my stay there was full of our usual Colorado activities: riding at Thunder Valley, family dinners, immune boosting cuddles, hummingbird watching, and even date night. I got to stay an extra day too, due to the fear of having my sinuses explode if I went on a plane too soon. I used that day to rest but it was bittersweet because I had to miss my brothers graduation. Thankfully, he forgave me (chipotle burritos are the best peacemakers).

Ian helping his friend out with his bike.
Ian helping his friend out with his bike.

Being basic because I can do whatever I want when I'm sick.
Being basic because I can do whatever I want when I’m sick.

Now I am back home still recuperating. I have officially survived the sickness!! On Wednesday I go back to Colorado to spend a full week with my love. I intend to make the best of it so it may be another post-free week. But not to fear! I plan on doing some very blog worthy stuff so there will be more stories, like actual stories, to come. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Hugs & Kittens,


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