“It’s an Adventure”

It’s 2:32 am and I wake up to Chelsea’s tail tickling my nose. Half asleep I roll over and try to go back to whatever I had just been dreaming about. It takes me about .03 seconds to realize that I can’t breathe. Gasping for a breath I swallow and my throat is raw. “Awesome”, I think.

I’m sick ūüė¶

I fight for another hour of sleep until I eventually give up around 3:30. “No biggie”, I think to myself,¬†“My alarm is set to go off in half and hour any ways so may as well get a head start.”¬† I attempt to gargle with lukewarm salt water and hop into the shower to give my sinuses some steam therapy. cafe2 *not looking¬†too bad for getting 4 hours of sleep and feeling like I was hit by a truck

Flash Forward.¬†Just rushed through security and head to the first¬†Newsstand shop. After being directed to the¬†Halls, I proceed to stock up on tissues, water, and¬†DayQuil.¬†I continue to speed walk to the gate only to find what I was hoping to be a misprint. The flight is oversold and I’ve got another 5 hour until the next one.¬†YAY, not.¬†To kill the time I got through my priorities list, so first:¬†Food.¬†

image             cafe1

Normally, I do all things to avoid eating airport food because of how crazy expensive it is, along with the not-so-great quality that usually goes with it. But $15.00 later I am sitting down to a delicious feast of cajun hash browns, fresh croissant, and banana. I love being able to people watch when I travel and try to figure out where they’re going. Sadly, my guilty pleasure is interrupted by the fact that my (earlier) chemically burned throat is now on fire! [I managed to make myself some throat therapy tea with fresh lemon before I left. Thanks to my rushing I managed to just make scalding hot lemon juice, that was¬†slightly watered down with a hint of tea. Therefore¬†adding insult to injury for my poor tonsils. The¬†struggle¬†is real this morning people.] I finish about half the plate anyway until I’ve run out of water and tissues. Cutting my loses I head to find a place to nap.


I’m, now, currently sitting in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport attempting to write this post in the constraints of their 45 minute ‘complimentary’ wi-fi. ¬†My nap managed to last about 10 minutes when my sinus issues started to act up again.¬†There are so many reasons I would rather be home in bed right now but the one thing that makes it all worth it is due to land in Colorado in about an hour. (For those of you who aren’t privy to my personal life, Ian’s coming home for a few weeks.) I haven’t seen my other half in over a month and a half so I will suffer whatever consequences my sinus pressure can hand out to get there as soon as humanly possible. *Yes I brought socks to wear because even those these sandals are cute my feet get cold when I travel.


I got here at 5am and after missing my first flight, have started the lovely process of flying stand by. If you don’t know what that means basically I get to fly without charges (depending on where I go) if there are extra seats on the plane. I’ve been blessed with these benefits thanks to my dad being a pilot for a major airlines. [I actually flew standby down to Brazil which was pretty awesome. It was¬†cheaper¬†but not definitely not¬†free.]¬†The second flight out of here is delayed an extra hour so I figured I may as well write. *this picture does¬†not do the sunrise this morning justice

One thing I’ve learned about traveling is that it¬†never goes as planned. Not buying my first actual plane ticket until well after high school I’ve accepted that it just happens. There are so many outside factors that play into it; weather, the delay domino effect, medical emergencies. When I hear people get upset about missing connections and having their schedules thrown off, it makes me wish they had the experience of traveling with my mother.

Anyone who has ever had that pleasure knows her signature line,

“It’s an adventure.”

These 3 words somehow managed to keep 3 children on the verge of a meltdown, socially acceptable for years. It used to drive me nuts when she started apply this to other aspects of my life but now that I am older I realized that she had a point. Life is all about the journey and the best part of that journey is the adventures. These are the moments you remember most, not when your flight was on time and it all went along without a hitch. I think one of the main keys to having a happy life is learning to enjoy it no matter what gets thrown your way. And flying standby is one of those foolproof ways to learn that lesson.

So here I am. Sleep deprived, unable to breath, and sitting on the dirty airport floor waiting to see if the next flight will be ‘the one’. I don’t know who is going to be more cranky me or Ian, who hasn’t slept a wink since Saturday night (and raced on Sunday). Send us good luck and healthy thoughts! I’m going to find a corner to curl up in and hope to get a little shut-eye. I can’t wait to chronicle all my actual adventures in Colorado!

Hugs & Kittens, Sammi

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