Good company for writing a new #Caturday post.

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Good morning my kitty friends! Hope everyone is ready to have an awesome Saturday Caturday. I started off the morning with my still current food obsession: berry pancakes. It was the perfect way to get me in the mood to write today’s post because I was so not motivated to write this morning, or yesterday, or the day before that. I guess timing is everything, amIright? I’ve had the same breakfast almost every morning since I’ve been back in Minnesota. My obsessions run deep and I’d be lying if I said food wasn’t my main motivator. 

Normally, I am against running with the pack but I’ve found that a healthy over-appreciation for something can be a good thing. Obsessions have become almost glamorized in our society now days so here I am hopping on the bandwagon. I have learned so much more and about so many more things through people’s ravings about a certain idea or product. So I’ve decided to share just one of many recent obsessions since being back in the states.

Specialty Drinks

I’m not entirely sure that’s what they’re categorized as but that is what I’m going to call them. I can’t stop walking down the cooler section in any store and browsing through looking for something I’ve never heard of. Fresh pressed, Kombucha, organic, aloe infused, lavender. Just a few of the words that grip my attentions. There are so many beautiful bottles and bright colors it’s impossible to ignore, especially with a visual person like me. I’m also a sucker for informational labels, regardless if it’s for face wash or a wine bottle. So here are a few that I have come to crave on a daily basis.

You had me at 'mojita' 🌱

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KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink

After coming back for living off of a South American diet, it took my body some time to get used to American food again. I saw this and instantly loved that, like yogurt, it had a bunch of live cultures that help boost your tummy’s immune system. Plus the fact that it’s mojito flavored, I just couldn’t resist.

dry-lavender-sodaDry Soda: Lavender

This stuff is amazing. I stumbled across it at Tony’s Markets  and immediately fell in love. It’s like sipping few nectar out of the flowers.

IMG_9627Target brand flavored water

Cucumber Mint. Need I say more? I love unsweetened sparkling water. Nothing is more refreshing than a combination of mint and cucumber.

IMG_9638High Country Kombucha: Elderberry and Hibicus

I originally picked this up because of the flavor and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was naturally carbonated. For those of you who don’t know Kombucha is essentially fermented black or green tea. It’s got so many great properties, including aiding digestions and boosting your immune system, that if I had to recommend jut one of these awesome drinks, that this would be it.

sweet-beets-220x480Suva Essentials: Sweet Beets

Just like the more popular Boathouse brand juices, this stuff gives you a list of everything that is in it. The bonus is that there are no added ingredients or sugars, which I have found Boathouse  to have. Beets help increase you red blood cell count; so for those of you like me who are trying to work on becoming more advanced in a cardio sense, this stuff is it. (Living in Denver has been slightly unkind to my body since I have trouble still getting used to the altitude there.)

These are just 5 of my recent favorites. There are hundreds more that I would like to try but those will just have to wait their turn. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and get a chance to try each of these out first hand!

Hugs & Kittens,


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