Caturday Weekend!


Happy Memorial Weekend everyone! This weekend is our chance to remember all of those who fought for us. Who were brave. Who sacrificed it all just to keep us safe. Thank you to all who serve and have served. For many of us this is a weekend to see friends, family, and enjoy an extra day off of work. I wasn’t really sure where to take this post being that Caturday is a day to embrace our extra oddities but this weekend is meant for reverence. So I have decided to find some interesting facts out our beloved 3 day weekend. Enjoy.

  1. It all started with the Civil War.
    In Columbus, Mississippi in 1866, soldiers from both sides were honored with flowers placed on their graves by women of the town.
    Mental Floss
    check out the story of Simon here
  2. It used to be called Decoration Day.
    I assume this is because of the term ‘decorated [officer]’


  3. The poem In Flander’s Fields sparked the tradition of wearing red poppies.
    It was written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrea as he described a battlefield during WWI.

    Simon the Cat

  4. President Clinton signed a document creating a law that you must partake in a National Moment of Remembrance at 3PM on Memorial Day.


  5. There is also something called Confederate Memorial Day observed by many southern states to honor those who fought for the south during the Civil War.


  6. President Johnson decided to name Waterloo, NY as the ‘official birthplace of Memorial Day’.


  7. According to SBRI, Denver, CO is one of the cheapest places to visit during this long weekend. I knew I should have stayed home (Colorado).


  8. Typical grill prices are up this year so don’t be offended when the cashier asks you to dish out a bit more than you were expecting.

    cat-driving-car-injures-grandmaIt can happen to even the coolest of cats.

  9. The Chicago Tribune posted a really morbid article naming Memorial Day Weekend the kickoff to a “deadlier summer road travel season”.
    Geez, talk about morbid. For any of you traveling this weekend just be extra careful; and put the phones down. It really isn’t worth it.

  10. Apparently the Indy 500 and Nascar Coca-Cola 600 both take place on Monday of the long weekend.
    As Americans I expect nothing less than a healthy appreciation for beer and fast cars. Also, inappropriately tight man-tanks and short-shorts.


Well, I hops you guys learned a few new things about this lovely holiday. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. Drive safe and grill happy!

Hugs & Kittens,


*Other sources: SoftSchool

One thought on “Caturday Weekend!

  1. Nice! Totally didnt know that it started in the civil war, or that there is still a confederate memorial day haha. I always thought the timing had something to do with farming because I heard that planting had to be done before memorial day weekend, and when we have races on farms they always want the race before memorial day because if you have it after grass wont grow back in the tire tracks. Anyway, I enjoyed it! cant wait to read the next post but I will tackle you if your puns get any worse.

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