5 Reasons Why Alice In Wonderland is the Most Caturday Story of All Time

Happy Caturday Lovelies!


Today I want to share with you why I find Alice in Wonderland to be the most whimsical, nonsense story of all time. Growing up I remember watching the movie and being sucked in immediately. The story is so odd and heads quickly in all directions that I think it’s perfect for holding the attention of a 4 year old, especially when their attention span is no long than a few minutes. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book (or its companion Through the Looking Glass) then you are sorely missing out. So without further adieu, here are 5 reasons why I think Alice in Wonderland is the most Caturday story of all time.

  1. The most obvious reason is the cheshire cat Cheshire-cat-8
    This character is so backwards he should be the Caturday mascot. Speaking in riddles, disappearing and reappearing at the most inappropriate of times, and always smiling with those creepy teeth (updated movie version).


2. Alice is the spaciest character (besides Luna Lovegood) that I have come across.

These adventures in Wonderland all occur after she ‘dozes’ off (depending on which version you look at). She has pretty much zoned out into a whole different universe, which is a pretty impressive feat. I also find that her reasonings or objections are quite ‘mad’. They are almost complete nonsense until you realize you felt the same way just earlier.

‘I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, Sir, because I’m not myself you see.’

Maybe it’s because she’s blonde?

3. The rest of the characters all seem to be struggling with mild insanity. Just look at them.                       *Tim Burton did it best
There is also a syndrome named after the book.

dodo-tweedledee-tweedledum-white-rabbit-dormouse1920x1200 Need I say more?

4. The quotes: 


5. The way the magic is still very alive no matter what age you are.

I decided to read the 2 stories myself a few years ago and I can honestly say it changed my perspective on life. Young-Dodgson-in-WindowLewis Carroll (aka Charles L. Dodgson) perfectly describes the very real and sometimes scary thoughts that we hide in our mind. The ones that if acted upon, or thought about too deeply, could push us over the edge of sanity. Not to mention his odd relationship with the real Alice Liddell.

lewis carroll e alice liddell

I am so drawn to stories like these because overtime you encounter them they effect you in different ways. Just like watching a movie over and over again, you catch different things. The never ending list of things you find from stories like these is purrfectly fitting for whimsical Caturdays. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I highly encourage you to read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. If you already have I would love to hear the way it effected you or what your favorite quote, character, or part of the story is.

Hugs & Kittens,


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