Happy Caturday!

For those of you who don’t know what Caturday is do not fear! I’m not exactly sure what it is either. I think it started as a meme. Here are a few google images (memes) to help you out.

caturday      Caturday1

1288093987548785661  For me it’s a day to act like a cat. Be lazy, act weird, and fill your day with nonsense because why not? If you aren’t into cats maybe you would relate more the these.

0b2894c37e7b3a7a2b69404b5fe6129d1b1643c41e7ec0a75f2fe86e662b83c6  54798978

catIf this is you 101016-hate-you-guys

than feel free to leave but just know that it won’t stop me from forcing my love on you. IMG_0387

I’m pretty sure my love for cats started in the womb. When I was just a wee seeding two crying kittens came to my parents door in Colorado one snowstormy evening and like true cat people they took them in and make them their own (the cats adopted my parents that is). Insert Tux and Mikey. Tux was named after his lavish coat resembling that of a Tuxedo (only called by such if he had been bad). Mikey ended up being a lady in all respects but they kept the name because it just seemed to fit. Long story short, Mikey ended up trying on all my clothes before I could and became my nursemaid. She lived to the ripe age of 17 and peacefully went to the big scratching post in the sky. Tux on the other hand was more of a daredevil and had his luck run out on him while playing tag with some coyotes when I was 2.

There where many other furry loves in-between now and then but I’ll save those for another day. Instead I would like to introduce to you some of our current fur-tenants. Being a foster parent has led us to many fail fosters, dogs and cats alike.

Introducing ‘Miss Priss’, Chelsea


At the age of 14 she still is as playful as a kitten and isn’t afraid to smack some sense into the younger ones when they play too rough. She is our only real adoptee and is actually my brothers cat. She loves to snuggle, and I mean that in the most violent way possible. If you aren’t being practically suffocated then you aren’t doing it right.


Then we have Tuffy. Named after Jerry’s nephew (from Tom and Jerry). (SEE! IDENTICAL) He is an extremely odd individual and has taken a liking to finding the weirdest places to hang out.


But the most unique of our family house cats is Keiko.

IMG_2352  He’s more like a dog than a cat. With his mustache looks and wild night runs I can honestly say I’ve never met an animal as weird as him.

SO HORAY FOR CATURDAY! I hope you guys enjoyed this small dosage of felines to get your day started off right. Next week I’ll introduce you to my own fancy kitty. Let me know how you guys liked seeing my cuddle buddies and feel free to share some interesting stories of your own. Enjoy this purrfect and beautiful day!

Hugs & Kittens,


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