Wine-O Wednesday


Since this blog has been a brainchild of mine for a few years now I have been able to think of some pretty good and slightly embarrassing ideas. One of them that has stuck with me is Wine-O Wednesdays. If you don’t already know, love wine. If you ask me if I am a red or a white person, the answer is I’m a wine person, duh.  If you don’t know what a wine-o (wino) is I’ll try my best to explain. 

Now before you get your panties into a bunch over me enjoying a glass of wine, in moderation, let’s start with some definitions:

Wikipedia states that,  “Wino is a slang term for a person who drinks excessive amounts of wine.”

Now this is what I think of when I hear the term wine-o, but it isn’t the right definition I’m really looking for when it comes to this series. So onto UrbanDictionary!

User GrantScoggins defines it as, “A person who drinks excessive amounts of cheap alcohol, often wine, and often in inappropriate situations.”

We’re getting warmer but I want to get away from the ‘excessive’ part. Although I’ll agree with the ‘cheap’ part, it’s not about the quantity of wine but the quality of the company with whom you drink it.

turtleneck says its “A person who over appreciates wine to the point of being a douche, wears pretentious clothing, and wants to talk about nothing besides wine.”

Obviously turtleneck doesn’t understand there is no such thing as “over appreciating’ wine. Appreciation is at least 50% of what makes drinking wine enjoyable. This isn’t going to be straight wine talk or even pretending to know what we’re talking about.

According to google Wine-O is also a rapper, known for his affairs with Iggy Azalea.

Now this is just way off. It appears to me that the definition I’m looking for to describe this series is not something I’m going to find in a dictionary.

I may know some things about the delicious beverage but this isn’t going to be about my wine(ing) skills, this is about the atmosphere, the feeling you get when you sit down with a bottle of wine and talk with a good friend, shoot the moon or whatever that saying is. My point is that people don’t do this enough anymore so I’ve decided to dedicate at least one weekly post to some random thoughts that have been floating through my mind. I hope that you guys will join in the discussion and enjoy each other’s minds over a nice glass of blog-style ‘wine’. Cheers.

Hugs & Kittens,


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