Good Morning Sunshines!


As I’m sure you’ve all been able to figure out, I have decided to start a blog. I have been thinking about doing something like this for years and finally forced myself to just DO IT. The thought of actually starting one though, really scared me (and still scares me). Having a blog always comes with a sort of stigma; either you’re interesting and exciting or you’re full of yourself. These are ridiculous reasons to keep from doing something that God has obviously put on your heart for a purpose. I’ve always allowed fear to dictate way too much in my life and recently decided that it has to stop. Starting with this blog.

Ideally, this would have been up and running before my first trip to Brazil; but alas poor planning leads to poor production. There are many places I plan on going and experiencing that I want to be able to share with everyone. Facebook is a great connector but I find it’s filled with too many fleeting opinions and that isn’t what I am looking to share. So blog it is.

I want to use this as a more personal way to chronicle all the amazing adventure that I hope to have, Brazil being one of many. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, despite praise from my mom and teachers about my so-called ‘writing abilities’, and have always been paralyzed with fearful procrastination towards any writing assignment. Yet, each morning I find the only way to calm my anxiety-ridden mind is to write. I write lists, goals, and things I’ve already done just to mentally and physically check them off, but mainly I write to God.

Just like my mama I am a journaling fiend. Once the ink sinks into the paper its like I can feel his acknowledgement that he received that prayer or heard that thought. So I have decided to see if using this technique in other areas of my life proves to be as therapeutic. I will say, though, that outside of using the correct form of your (‘re) and good(ish) punctuation I am no grammar queen. So please be gentle on me. I can promise that I will be trying my best to get a hang of this whole blogging thing but I am making no promises.

This post is just a small introduction to let you guys know where I’m headed. If you are interested in getting a different look into what has been happening you can check out Ian’s blog too (if he ever decides to write in it, *cough cough*). Thank you for coming to check it out. I already have a few ideas on what to post but please leave feedback and let me know what you guys want to hear or any questions you might have. I hope we can all enjoy being lost together.

Hugs & Kittens,


Disclaimer: I’m not doing this in hopes of making any money, at least not at the moment. Therefore if you see any ads on here chances are they were not put here by me. When it comes to content and photos everything is original and mine unless stated otherwise.

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