Them Words Is Gooood

Over the past year a lot has happened. Not little things but big things like first heartbreaks and my literal loss of identity.


A year ago I was preparing for one of the biggest and greatest things I’ve ever done. Continue reading “Them Words Is Gooood”

My Year of Fear

Okay, so not as morbid as it sounds. This was to be my mantra this year, I guess it still is in a way. A year of fear – living out life doing the things you are afraid of, not allowing the unknown to dictate what you will and not do. I had all these grand plans Continue reading “My Year of Fear”

Being Homeless Isn’t So Bad

Being homeless isn’t so bad 

It’s just walls

Walls are everywhere 

And aren’t we always trying to break them down?

A ceiling isn’t that nice

It blocks out the stars 

You know the ones that make you feel so small but important,

At the same time. 

A yard isn’t that great. 

Pulling weeds and always keeping up the appearance isn’t that fun

A home is kind of suffocating. 

Everything is muffled;

The sun

The moon

The wind

Everything we are connected to 

Is dimmer through those dirty windows. 
Being homeless is kind of nice. 

No cleaning,

No bills,

Just you and the essentials. 
But walls are kind of nice.

They shield you 

And support you when you can’t stand up. 

Ceilings are useful too. 

They shelter you,

Protect you. 

No one can argue that seeing beautiful green grass

Dotted with flourishing flowers is 

One of natures best pick me ups. 

And it really isn’t that suffocating. 

What’s suffocating is the hot sticky air, thick and weighted 

A home is kind of nice, I guess

It’s warm 

It’s comfortable

You know it. 

Understand it. 

Once you’ve been in a home for awhile it become apart of you

Your identity. 

It’s always there to come back to.
But being homeless isn’t so bad. 

Almost enjoyable. 

You are ‘free’…

But you are lost…

And alone. 

Being homeless kind of sucks. 

Especially, when you realize

Your home

Isn’t a where,

It’s a who

So I was thinking lately about how cool love is.
Like its something you feel but you don’t need another person to know what it is. You don’t have to wait for someone to love you to experience it.

You can know love all on you own.

I find myself more and more falling

in love with the smallest things around me. It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you consciously look for beauty or goodness in everything around you.

I find myself falling in love with the sunshine, a strangers smile, the way my friendships have taken shape

. Beauty and love go hand in hand but you don’t necessarily need one to find the other. Love also has the power to destroy you in the most beautiful way. If you ever allow yourself to just feel, really feel, the pain takes another shape. It’s not a sad pain but almost a happy pain. You gain understand of it and that changes everything. It no longer has the ability to control you. And because of that you learn to love it too. 

Maybe it because I’m older or that I’m more aware of the light than the dark but I find myself loving things about people that before would have gone unnoticed. It goes so much deeper than “oh they make me laugh” or “I always enjoy being around them”, it’s about the way someone coexists besides you so openly. Not only does it make you feel loved but it is something to be loved about. I believe this is how we really show someone we love them, it just tends to go unnoticed. 
I challenge all of you to look for this type of love in your life because as a ‘bohemian revolutionist’ once said, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.”

15 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Denver

Happy Caturday everyone!!

If you’re like me you probably enjoyed sleeping in after a wild night of partying and are now enjoying cuddles with your favored furry friend.

 And by that I mean Continue reading “15 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to Denver”