Year of Fear: No.2

Let's start with the basics. There have been a series of developments since the last time I touched on this topic so I figured starting with a few important facts will help give you a better understand of the rambling to come. 


Call to Hearts

This weekends events were horrendous, but can you honestly say it was surprising. I am not here to speak about this one event. There are so many injustices and for me this was  the final straw. This is a battle cry, a heartbreak that has tormented me for years and I finally have found I can take it no longer. I have had many chances to speak up and each time I don't, I feel guilty because by staying silent I am just as much apart of the problem as those acting out on it. 

Them Words Is Gooood

I've since given up on running away from my feelings. And despite losing everything, I never gave up on words: the only thing that kept me sane. The one that hadn't let me down. The only way I felt I could properly give tribute to the pain I felt was to string together words until their weight was lifted off of my heart.